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 Year 6 - 2023/ 2024

Hello and welcome to the Year 6 page.

Our teaching team consists of Miss Kaschner, Mrs Slaughter,Mrs Skinner, Miss Buckett and Mrs Darioglu.   

Year 6 will be going swimming on a Monday (from 11.09.23) Children need to wear their school uniform and bring their swimming kit, towel and goggles (optional) in a separate bag. We will be having PE on a Tuesday. Please can children wear their PE kits to school on a this day.

We also visit Green Zone every term. Remember to have a look at Tapestry to see what we get up to.

Year 6 Green Zone Fun

Below you will find an overview of our planned learning each term. For more information on what your child will be learning in year 6 please see the curriculum pages on the website and termly newsletters. 

Term 1 Newsletter and Home learning

Term 2 newsletter and home learning 

Term 3 newsletter and home learning

Term 4 newsletter and home learning





Term 1


Topic: Catch me if you can!




  • Maths: Place Value (integers, negative numbers, numbers up to 1 million) Addition and Subtraction (including square, cube, factors, multiples, prime, order of operations)
  • English: Highwayman, (narrative poem into narrative writing), predictions, changing the ending (narrative poem), diary
  • SPAG: determiners, main clause and subordinate clause, conjunctions. Punctuation: inverted commas, hyphens
  • History: What effect has the development of crime and punishment had on society?
  • Science: Light
  • Computing: Year 6 Unit A- Being safe online
  • RE: Islam: What is the best way for a Muslim to show commitment to God?
  • Music: Charanga: Music and Technology
  • PE: Swimming and Football
  • French: Language Angels - What is the date?
  • Art: 2D Drawing, Shadow puppets (link to science topic)
  • PSHE: Jigsaw: Being Me in My World


Term 2


Topic: Extreme Environments



  • Maths: Fractions (compare and order, add and subtract) Fractions B (fractions of amount, multiply and divide) and Measurement (converting units)
  • English: Ice trap: Recount Letter and Biography
  • SPAG: Formal and informal language, complex sentences and phrases (relative clauses, subordinate clauses), prepositions, simple past, past progressive and past perfect tense, fronted adverbials. Punctuation: brackets, dashes, commas
  • Geography: Is water our friend or foe? (global warming, oceans, floods, tsunami)
  • History: WW1 Remembrance: Did WW1 or WW2 have the biggest impact on our locality?
  • Science: Living things and their habitats (Carl Linnaeus - classification system, Libbie Hyman - zoologist)
  • Computing: Year 6 Unit B- Information technology (Spreadsheets)
  • RE: Christianity: Do Christmas celebrations and traditions help Christians understand who Jesus was and why he was born?
  • Music: Charanga: Developing ensemble skills
  • PE: Swimming and Dance
  • French: Language Angels – At School
  • Art: 3D Making
  • DT: Woodwork: Photo frames, design, make and produce, using a range of materials
  • PSHE: Jigsaw: Celebrating difference


Term 3


WWII (Britain)



  • Maths: Decimals and then Fractions, decimals and percentages,
  • English: Newspaper report, adventure story (little ships) and performance poetry (I wish)
  • SPAG: Active and passive, reported speech, personification, metaphor, repetition, fronted adverbials, adverbs, prepositional phrases. Punctuation: colons, semi colons
  • History: War: What is it good for?
  • Science: Electricity
  • Computing: Unit C: Variables in games (trial unit)
  • RE: Christianity: Is anything ever eternal?
  • Music: Charanga: Creative Composition
  • PE: Gymnastics and Cricket
  • French: Language Angels – WWII
  • Art: Activism (single lesson) introduce exploring identity
  • PSHE: Jigsaw: Dreams and Goals

WWII day

Term 4


WWII continued



  • Maths: Area, perimeter and Volume, Shape and Geometry
  • English: Persuasive letter, dialogue, recount (WWII day)
  • SPAG: Formal and informal language, direct speech, organising ideas into paragraphs, persuasive language (modal verbs), variation in sentence length to support cohesion, comparative sentences, conjunctions, tenses. Punctuation: brackets, dashes, colons, semi-colons
  • History: War: What is it good for?
  • Science: Animals including humans (Daniel Hale Williams – circulatory system)
  • Computing: Year 6 D: Computer Science (Espresso Coding Refresher 6)
  • RE: Christianity: Is Christianity still a strong religion 2000 years after Jesus was on Earth?
  • Music: Charanga: Musical styles connect us
  • PE: Handball and OAA (CPD Fridays)
  • French: Language Angels- The Weekend
  • Art: Continue exploring identity
  • DT: Textiles – flag making
  • PSHE: Jigsaw: Healthy Me


Term 5




  • Maths: Algebra and Statistics and Ratio
  • English: Balanced arguments, report, flashback story and mystery story
  • SPAG: Tenses, word classes, conjunctions. Punctuation: recap and review
  • Science: Scientists and Inventors (Alexander Flemming, Marie Maynard Daly, Steve Jobs)
  • Computing: Year 6 Unit E: Computer Science (Espresso coding 6.2)
  • RE: Islam: Does belief in Akhirah (life after death) help Muslims lead good lives?
  • Music: Charanga: Improvising with confidence
  • PE: Yoga and Athletics
  • French: Language Angels - Healthy Lifestyles
  • Art: Brave colour, introduce Take a seat
  • PSHE: Jigsaw: Relationships


Term 6


Around the World


  • Maths: Review all previous topics and consolidation and themed based projects (WR)
  • English: Poetry (modern verse), narrative, scripts and performances
  • SPAG: nouns and pronouns for clarity and cohesion, implies second person, prepositional phrases. Punctuation: brackets, dashes, colons, semi-colons
  • Geography: Are YOU a good geographer?
  • Science: Evolution and Inheritance (Mary Leakey)
  • Computing: Year 6 Unit F: Information Technology: Film Making: leaving Sandown, interview teachers and other peers
  • RE: Humanism: How could humanists lead good lives?
  • Music: Farewell tour
  • PE: Review and Sports Day practice/Rounders
  • French: Big Write: Revision and Review
  • Art: Continue Take a Seat
  • DT: Food: Burgers from around the world, recap nutrition
  • PSHE: SRE and Jigsaw: Changing Me

Activity Week