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 Year 6 - 2022/ 2023

Hello and welcome to the Year 6 page.

Our teaching team consists of Miss Knight, Miss Kaschner, Mrs Skinner and Miss Buckett.   

Year 6 have PE on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Please can children wear their PE kits to school on a these days.

We also visit Green Zone every term. Have a look at the Green Keeper Blogs to see more of what we get up to. 

Term 1 Topic Overview

Topic Overview - Term 2

Term 2 spellings - Group 1

Term 2 Home learning

Welcome to Year 6




Term 1


Topic: Catch me if you can!



· Maths: Place Value (integers, negative numbers, numbers up to 1 million) Addition and Subtraction (including square, cube, factors, multiples, prime, order of operations)

·Literacy: Diary and Report on Crime and punishment through the ages, possible texts: Highwayman (poetry), Sherlock Holmes, Oliver twist

·History: What effect has the development of crime and punishment had on society?

·Science: Light

·Computing: Year 6 Unit A- Being safe online

·RE: Islam: What is the best way for a Muslim to show commitment to God?

·Music: Charanga: developing melodic phrases

·PE: Gymnastics or Swimming and Handball

·French: Language Angels: What is the date?

·Art: Sketching/Drawing skills

·PSHE : Jigsaw: Being Me in My World


Term 2


Topic: Extreme Environments


·Maths: Fractions (compare and order, add and subtract) Fractions B (fractions of amount, multiply and divide) and Measurement (converting units)

·Literacy: Ice trap: Letter and Biography

·Geography: Is water our friend or foe? (global warming, oceans, floods, tsunami)

·History: WW1 Remembrance: Did WW1 or WW2 have the biggest impact on our locality?

·Science: Living things and their habitats

·Computing: Year 6 Unit B- Information technology (Spreadsheets)

·RE: Christianity: Do Christmas celebrations and traditions help Christians understand who Jesus was and why he was born?

·Music: Charanga: understanding structure and form

·PE: Gymnastics or Swimming and Tennis

·French: Language Angels – At School

·Art: Collage and Painting

·DT: Woodwork: Photo frames, design, make and produce, using a range of materials

·PSHE: Jigsaw: Celebrating differences


Term 3


WWII (Britain)


·Maths: Decimals and then Fractions, decimals and percentages,

·Literacy: Newspaper report, story (little ships) and poetry (I wish)

·History: Did WW1 or WW2 have the biggest impact on our locality?

·Science: Electricity – link to DT sweet and buzzer

·Computing:  Year 6 C : Computer Science (Espresso Coding Level 6 Refresher)

·RE: Christianity: Is anything ever eternal?

·Music: Charanga: gaining confidence through performance

·PE: Dance (Friday pm coaching) and Football

·French: Language Angels – WWII

·Art: Printing WWII posters: Start of discussion on printing and how effective they can be. Looking at the history and how printing has contributed to the culture creativity and wealth of our nation.

·DT Textiles- variety of materials and exploring types of stitches (skills: over 2 terms) Link to DT

·PSHE: Jigsaw: Dreams and Goals

WWII day

Term 4


WWII continued


·Maths: Area, perimeter and Volume, Shape and Geometry

·Literacy: Persuasive letter, dialogue, recount(Mr O) and Newspaper report (Holi)

·History: Did WW1 or WW2 have the biggest impact on our locality?

·Science: Animals including humans (Circulatory system, effect of exercise and drugs)

·Computing: Year 6 D: Computer Science (Espresso Coding 6.1)

·RE: Christianity: Is Christianity still a strong religion 2000 years after Jesus was on Earth?

·Music: Charanga: Exploring notation further

·PE: Multi-skills, Kwik Cricket

·French: Language Angels- The Weekend

·Art: Continuation of above: focusing on discussion of artists and how printing shaped world.

·DT: T Continuing stitching practice, Drawing skills: Blitz Art – Perspective road (collage) Textiles – Make do and Mend project: What can you make from a sock?

·PSHE: Jigsaw: Healthy Me


Term 5



·Maths: Algebra and Statistics and Ratio

·Literacy: Balanced arguments, report and story

·Science: Scientists and Inventors

·Computing: Year 6 Unit E: Computer Science (Espresso coding)

·RE: Islam: Does belief in Akhirah (life after death) help Muslims lead good lives?

·Music: Charanga: Using Chords and structure

·PE: OAA and Athletics

·French: Language Angels Healthy Lifestyles

·Art: Digital Media (see Art week Sky)

·PSHE: Jigsaw: Relationships


Term 6


Around the World

·Maths: Review all previous topics and consolidation and themed based projects (WR)

·Literacy: poetry, letter, narrative, scripts and performances

·Geo: Are YOU a good geographer? What skills do you need to be a good geographer?

·Science:  Evolution and Inheritance

·Computing: Year 6 Unit F:  Information Technology: Film Making: leaving Sandown, interview teachers and other peers

·RE: Islam: Does belief in Akhirah (life after death) help Muslims lead good lives?

·Music: Glockenspiels stage 3 unit Charanga (freestyle Tab) // Respecting each other through compositions

·PE: Review and Sports Day practice

·French: Big Write: Revision and Review

· Art: Making – installations and printing posters linked to year 6 leaving.

·DT: Food: Burgers from around the world, recap nutrition

·PSHE: SRE and Jigsaw: Changing Me

Activity Week