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Sandown School

Year 5 2023/2024


Welcome to the Year 5 page! The teaching team in Year 5 consists of Mrs Uppal, Mr Law, Miss Buckett, Miss Roberts, Mr Clifton and Mrs Martin. 

Year 5 will be having PE on a  Monday and a Friday. Please can children wear their PE kits to school on these days.

We also visit Green Zone every term. Remember to have a look at Tapesty to see what we get up to. 

Year 5 Green Zone Fun


Below you will find an overview of our planned learning each term. For more information on what your child will be learning in year 5 please see the curriculum pages and termly newsletters. 

Term 1 newsletter and home learning

Term 2 newsletter and home learning 

Term 3 newsletter and home learning

Term 4 newsletter and home learning

Term 5 newsletter and home learning

Year 5 and 6 Spelling 



Term 1

Astonishing Africa

Hook: African Drumming 



  • Maths: White rose- Place value, addition and subtraction, Multiplication and division A, converting units, multiplication and division B
  • English: recount, Narratives and Sonnets Rhyme poetry.
  • SPAG: Types of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, coordinating conjunctions, past tense, time connectives
  • Topic – Hist: Benin AD 900 – 1300. (Possible historical comparison).  a non-European society that provides contrasts with British history – Benin . What sort of a place was Benin 1000 years ago and how do we know. Discovery and trade-power and influence (Slavery).
  • Science: Living things and their habitats
  • Computing: (teach computing scheme Computing systems and networks- systems and searching)
  • RE: Hinduism- What is the best way for a Hindu to show commitment to God? Theme- Prayer and worship
  • Music: Charanga-get started with music tech
  • PE: Football/multi skills
  • French: Review presenting myself/prev knowledge and At the Cafe
  • Art: Illustrations in the Tinga art style. African artists(tradition of artist working from the land) use a variety of media- research, Colour mixing, collage and drawings. (Articulation) Typography and Maps- looking at lettering and how words can be used to show emotions (Tinga Tinga Tale books), Create maps for Benin
  •  PSHE: Being Me in my world

African drumming 



Port Lympne 


Term 2


Hook: Astrodome

STEM ambassadors


  • Maths: White Rose: fractions A, Fractions B, Decimal and percentages
  • English: Non-fiction biography, narrative (complete the adventure), Non-fiction (Cosmos) fact file, persuasive letter to NASA.
  • SPAG: Simple present tense, layout of a factfile- use of bullet points and parenthesis –brackets, use of commas, persuasive language-, subordinating and coordinating conjunctions, subordinating clauses, relative clauses, expanded noun phrases
  • Geog/Hist: Chronological history of space travel
  • Geography—Major rivers of the world- what impact can rivers have on settlements?.
  • Science: Earth & Space
  • Computing: Creating media video production
  • RE: Is the story of Christmas true? Christianity/incarnation.
  • Music: Charanga emotions and musical styles.
  • PE: Kwik Cricket/ Dance
  • French: The Planets
  • Art: Skill – drawing. Chalk solar system, Design and make a solar system mobile and evaluate once made. (Making, Sketch books) Typography and Maps
  • DT: Design, make and evaluate a cross stitch mission patch (textile).
  • PSHE: Celebrating difference


Term 3

Violent Volcanoes

Hook: Pompeii explorations


  • Maths: White Rose: Decimals and percentages, Perimeter and area, Volume
  • English: Description of eruption, Narrative (own version of escape from Pompeii), Newspaper report and Acrostic Poems
  • SPAG: Subordinating and coordinating conjunctions, subordinating clauses, relative clauses, expanded noun phrases, direct and reported speech.
  • Topic – Geog/ What are the benefits of living near a volcano? Locate Europe and North and South America, Equator, volcanoes and earthquakes, Ring of fire and especially Italy/ Hawaii.
  • Hist: Romans link Pompeii previous year knowledge. Historical importance of Pompeii.
  • Science: Properties and changes of materials
  • Computing: Programming A- selection in physical computing
  • RE: Hinduism- How can Brahman be everywhere and everything? Theme- Hindu Beliefs.
  • Music: Exploring key and time signatures.
  • PE: Gymnastics/Tennis
  • French: What is the weather?
  • Art: Skill: 3D. Making erupting volcanoes, Sketch of erupting volcano, use modrock. (Making, Sketchbooks) Set Design:Explore creating a model set for theatre or animation inspired by poetry, prose, film or music. (Single taster lesson)- response to volcanic eruptions
  • PSHE: Dreams and goals


Term 4

Ancient Egypt

Hook: TBC





  • Maths: White Rose- Statistics,shape, position and direction
  • English: Setting description, character description, diary entry, narrative writing, Non-chronological report, instructions.  
  • SPAG: Imperative verbs, Modal verbs, First person,
  • Geography: What impact can rivers have on settlements? River Nile (River work – See Geog progression of skills), Settlements and land use, economic activity including trade links.
  • Hist-The achievements of the earliest civilizations – an overview of where and when the first civilizations appeared and a depth study of Ancient Egypt. How much did the Ancient Egyptians achieve? Power influence (Gods), religion and conflict. achievements of earliest civilisation. (Compare 2 historical periods explaining things which changed and stayed the same, how Britain may have learnt from these civilisations). 
  • Science: Forces
  • Computing: Data and information flat file databases
  • RE: Salvation – How significant is it for Christians to believe God intended Jesus to die?
  • Music: Introducing chords
  • PE: OAA (coaching) /Handball
  • French: Clothes
  • Art: Skill – drawing. Canopic Jar Egyptian architecture.(architects and Artist)Architecture: Dream Big or Small?

Explore the responsibilities architects have to design us a better world. Make your own architectural model. Compare Pyramids and Deal castles- why and how and come up with their own architectural designs.

  • DT: – wood work- Shaduff designs and making/ Water transportation. 
  •  PSHE: Healthy Me

Ancient Egyptian Performance

Term 5

London Eye Mystery 

 Hook: Virtual tour of London 




  • Maths: White Rose: Decimals and negative numbers, .
  • English: Narrative writing, newspaper report, letter writing, interview report
  • SPAG: Use of colons and semicolons, dashes and parenthesis, compound words, formal and informal language
  • Geography: Would you rather live in London or New York? Compare London with New York similarities and differences human and physical. Plan a journey from Deal to NY.
  • Science: Scientists and Inventors
  • Computing: creating media – introduction to vector graphics
  • RE: Hinduism- Do beliefs in Karma, Samsara and Moksha help Hindus lead good lives.
  • Music: Year 5 – will do the Glockenspiel stage 2 unit on Charanga (Freestyle tab) in Term 5
  • PE: Basketball/ Athletics
  • French: My Home
  • Art Skills: .Making Monotypes :Combine the monotype process with painting and collage to make visual poetry zine. painting Stephen Wiltshire artwork. London eye story artwork, skyline of London.Mixed Media Land & City Scapes :Explore how artists use a variety of media to capture spirit of the place. (Single taster lesson)
  • PSHE: Relationships


Term 6




  • Maths: White rose- Revision of Fractions and four number operations
  • English: Narratives, descriptive Poetry.
  • SPAG: adventurous vocabulary, subjunctive, commas
  • Geography How diverse is America? (Biomes) Equator, Northern and Southern Hemisphere, climate, Tropics of cancer and Capricorn, Prime Meridian, Savannah and Tundra. Use compass map work and how does climate affect the plants and animals.
  • Science: Animals including humans
  • Computing: Programming B –selection in quizzes
  • RE: What is the best way for Christians to show commitment to God? Christianity- Prayer and worship   
  • Music: identifying important musical elements
  • PE: indoor review term / outdoor review term sport day preparation
  • French: Revision and Review: Big Write/Presentation
  • Art: collaging technique to create Skellig, screen printing (Printmaking).C
  • DT- Food technology- picnic in the park-market research, designing and evaluating savoury dishes (pasta and sandwiches)
  • PSHE: Changing me

Picnic to share DT products