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Sandown School


Year 4 2021 2022


Hello and welcome to the Year 4 page 

Our teaching team consists of Mr Thompson, Miss Laignel, Miss and Miss Roberts and Mr Clifton.

 Year 4 have PE on a Wednesday and Thursday. Please can children come to school in PE kit on these days.  

We also visit Green Zone every term. Have a look at the Green Keeper Blogs to see more of what we get up to.

Year 4 explore Green Zone


Term 6 Home LearningTerm 6 Topic Overview


Term 1

Groovy Greeks

Possible enrichment

Maths: Numbers to 10,000, Addition of numbers within 10,000, Subtraction of numbers within 10,000, solving word problems
Literacy: Myths and Legends: King Midas and other Greek myths GREEK DAY
Geography/History: Greek influences on the Western world (architecture –link to art, medicine, astronomy), Atlas work, compare climates and geographical features to the UK
Science: Living Things and their Habitats
Computing: Being Safe Online: Twinkl Plan it: Online Safely
RE: Understanding Christianity: What do Christians Learn from the Creation Story ?
Music: Trumpets and Charanga: Mamma Mia
PE: Indoor | Multi Skills (mini Olympics) // Outdoor | Tennis
French: Language Angels - Presenting Myself
ART: 3D skills: Clay coils to include Symmetry and patterns: Greek Vase and Columns
DT: Cooking, evaluate and improve: Greek salad (explore vegetables and dressings)
PSHE: Unit 1: Being me in my world

Greek day

Term 2

Firework Maker's Daughter

Possible enrichment

Maths: Multiplication and division, Solving word problems (multiplication and division), Fractions, Length, Mass and Volume, Solving word problems (length, mass and volume) 
Literacy: Firework Maker’s Daughter Instruction writing, play scripts, comprehension
Geography/History: Physical Geography: Water Cycle and climate zones (compare to FMD setting jungles, caves, mountains etc…)
Science: States of Matter –gas/liquids/solids
Computing: Information and Technology: Twinkl Plan it: Word Processing
RE: Understanding Christianity: What is the trinity?
Music: Trumpets and Charanga: Glockenspiel Part 2
PE: Indoor | Dance // Outdoor | Handball
French: Language Angels - The Classroom
ART: Drawing skills: John Singer Sargent portraits of characters from FMD (masks?)
DT: 3D textile design, evaluate, improve: Design new sandals for Lila
PSHE: Unit 2: Celebrating difference

Trip - Rippledown

Term 3

Rotten Romans

Possible enrichment

Maths: Whole numbers (rounding, estimating, factors and multiples), Tables and line graphs, Roman Numerals 

Literacy: Romans: non-fiction reports, biography of Boudicca and letters by King Hadrian (Hadrian’s Wall), Gladiators

Geography/History: Roman influences on western world including Britain, artefacts, roads in Britain, countries in Europe, main cities in Britain, invasion of Britain(Celts), natural and man-made borders (mountains, rivers and coasts)ROMAN DAY

• Science: Sound

• Computing: Information and Technology: Twinkl Plan It: Word Processing

RE: Understanding Christianity: What kind of a world did Jesus want?

Music: Trumpets and Charanga: Stop!

PE: Indoor | Gymnastics // Outdoor | Hockey

• French: Language Angels – The Romans

ART: Symmetry and patterns Mosaics (Kate Barker? Mosaic Maker in Deal)

DT: To strengthen, stiffen and reinforce structures – catapult

PSHE: Unit 3: Dreams and goals

 Roman Day

Term 4

What’s the Deal ?

Possible enrichment

Maths: Parallel and perpendicular, Squares and rectangles, Decimals

Literacy: Diary Entries, Newspapers, Mine adventure Story

Geo/His: Local study, Deal’s mining history, mine artefacts, comparing how Deal has changed over time, map work (creating a key), distribution of Energy and natural resources (link to Science –Switch off)

Science: Electricity (circuits, appliances, batteries) – link to DT project

Computing: Information Technology: Twinkl Plan it: Animation

RE: Understanding Christianity: Why is it called Good Friday?

Music: Trumpets and Charanga: Lean on Me

PE: Indoor | Gymnastics // Outdoor | Kwik Cricket

• French: Language Angels - Classroom

ART: Drawing/painting Skills – perspective (mine, deal pier) VISIT Seaward Gallery

DT: BIG 2wk Project: Using gears, cams, pulleys and levers - cutting, shaping and joining to create structure. Children to plan, design, create and evaluate including an electrical circuit (light, buzzer etc…) – moving cage

PSHE: Unit 4: Healthy me

Local Field trip

Betteshanger Park

Term 5

Rhyme and Reason

Possible enrichment

Maths: Decimals, Time, Area and perimeter
Literacy: Poetry, performance to parents and famous poets
Geo/His: Earthquakes - link to poems about nature
Science: Animals including Humans - Digestive System
Computing: Computer Science: Espresso Coding 2.0 Level 4: Introduction
RE: Hinduism: What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today? (Coconut Barfi recipe)
Music: Trumpets and Charanga: Blackbird
PE: Indoor | Yoga/Fitness // Outdoor | Rounders
• French: Language Angels - Do you have a pet
ART: Batik style art, Rangoli patterns – link to RE
DT: Textiles: Rangoli bags made from single pieces of material
PSHE: Unit 5: Relationships

Poet visitor



Term 6

Around the World

Possible enrichment

Maths: Symmetry, Tessellations

Literacy: Short stories and poetry from around the world

Geo/His: 7 continents, Position and significance of latitude, longitude, Equator, Hemispheres, Tropics, Arctic and Time Zones

Science: Working Scientifically: Famous Scientists and Investigations

Computing: Computer Science: Espresso Coding 2.0 Level 4: Repetition and Loops

RE: The Journey: Why do some people think that Life is a journey and what significant experiences mark this?

Music: Trumpets and Charanga: Reflect, Rewind and Replay

PE: Indoor | OAA // Outdoors | Athletics

French: Language Angels - Goldilocks

ART: Artists from around the world, washes and reflections

DT: Healthy and varied diet and cook a variety of savoury dishes with a range of cooking techniques - link to food from different cultures. Children to plan, design, create and evaluate a product.

PSHE: Unit 6: Changing me (including SRE)