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Sandown School Arts Council

The Arts Council at Sandown Primary are responsible for helping to make decisions about the Arts enjoyed in our school. We meet termly and make sure that children’s views are heard and help create a calendar of arts and cultural activities throughout the school year; ensuring children’s creativity is encouraged, developed and celebrated wherever possible.


Stanley - 'I like art because art can be in any form and I get to be creative. Abstract art is my favourite type of art . Seeing art on display all around the school has inspired me to be creative.'

Benas - 'I Enjoy looking at artwork to figure out what techniques have been used so I can recreate them in my own artwork. I also like doing digital artwork as it is easy to correct any mistakes.'

Rae - 'I enjoy having pure free will with my artwork. I prefer digital art over traditional techniques as I find it easier than drawing on paper or other media.' 

Evie - 'I find it really interesting looking at other peoples artwork as it can inspire you. I enjoy working in 3D and making models.'

Carys - 'I love going to art galleries, looking at different pieces of art and finding out the story behind the work. I like drawing realistic pictures of people and love to sew and work with textiles.'

Alfie - ' I love mastering new techniques I pick up from looking at artwork. I enjoy the freedom that comes with creating my own pieces of art.' 


Have a look below to find out about some of the art experiences at Sandown School. 


 The Mud Maid arts project

Throughout the school we watched and listened to the story of ‘The Mud Maid' from the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, which was rediscovered in the gardens there after they were re-developed.

The gardens were sadly abandoned during WW1 when the gardeners became soldiers, and the Mud Maid was forgotten about for a long time.

Joy Spencer, a friend of Sandown, wrote the music to accompany the story and came to visit us.

Children took part in a number of different activities including creating collages, writing poems, creating performances and working collaboratively using natural materials.  The children had a wonderful week. The children's artwork was then displayed at a local multi sensory exhibition at St Georges Church. 

The Mud Maid arts project

 A day to create

Children spent the day exploring a creative story and designing and creating their own imaginary world and beings. They then dared to invent and created a helpful invention for the school in the afternoon. 

Sky Arts Week 2022

What a fantastic week! Children spent the week being creative. They listened and responded to poetry and music in a variety of ways and had fun creating their own using powerful words. Children explored diversity and created their own works of art celebrating diversity. The children experimented with paper, scissors and tapeAt break time children explored with chalks, water and sponges and had a go at finger knitting and braiding. We were so proud of how well the children worked together and supported each other. We even had some local artists visit creating felted animals. Some year groups explored different genres of film and looked at the different roles and responsibilities that come with making a film. They even had a go at creating their own, becoming film directors, actors and prop makers. All in all a fantastic week had by all.  

Arts week 2022

 Plastic Protest

A wonderful turn out for an important message. Lots of chanting and support. 

The sculpture was for a sculpture competition with the National Schools Partnership to ignite pupils’ creativity to repurpose plastic waste into something beautiful with this cross-curricular programme and to learn about the damaging effects of plastic on the environment and animals we love. Any recycling, littler picking or save the planet projects you do at home we would love to see a post all about it to share with classes and spread these important messages.

Plastic Protest

 Deal Learning Alliance Climate Art competition 

Thank you to all those children who shared their Art with us as a school.

The winners of each year group are now on display at Deal Library. Congratulations to those children gaining a first, second or third place certificate.

Growth in art is driven by ideas, opportunities and reflection. We know competitions encourage children to think outside the box, explore their creative potential, and come up with unique ideas and concepts. Through competitions children can be exposed to a diverse range of themes, topics, and challenges that challenge their imagination and creativity. By showing art in a gallery format at the library we are also respecting children's art as having it's own distinct value. Following that, for all the children that took part their Art work is going to be displayed in a folder in the school library for all of us to appreciate their visions and imagination.

Climate Art

Our Modern Remakes competition

Children, parents, staff and extended families were invited to take part in a very exciting modern remakes competition. 

The challenge was to recreate different pieces of artwork. We had entries ranging from paintings, sculptures, photography to pencil drawings. 

Thank you to all the families and staff for the wonderful entries. This is my favourite competition yet!

Recreation of works of art

 Roman shield competition

A local community group called 'The History Project', asked us to take part in a competition. 
The History Project is a local charitable organisation who inspire and educate children of all ages on our local history. For this particular competition children were asked to design a Roman shield. Their shields where then displayed with other schools in the area and the Emperor from the Roman festival came to inspect and choose some designs! We had one lucky runner up. 
Well done everyone!


The whole school was invited to take part in a local competition called Redduck. 
REDDUCK is a campaign led by a local family to raise awareness of HHV6 virus. For this campaign they wanted a drawing of a red duck they could use in their campaign materials and asked local schools to take part. Children in school were made aware of what was happening in the community around them and eagerly wanted to take part. 
With so many entries, it was a tough choice, however we had three lucky winners. 
3rd Marshall - won a red duck
2nd Jamie  - won a toy
1st Harrison  - £25 book voucher








Look out for an update on....

Sky Arts ‘Access All Arts’ Week

Access All Arts week is a nationwide, week-long celebration of the arts, specially designed for primary schools. Between 19 – 23 June 2023 where we will be taking our pupils on a creative adventure. For 2023 their theme will be identity and pupils will be encouraged to use the arts to explore their own individuality and what makes each one of us unique.