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Letters Home - Term 4 2023.2024

Whole School information: 

KCC childcare offerings: The Education People’s Early Years and Childcare Service is conducting a survey on behalf of Kent County Council, of parents/carers and expectant parents to determine interest in the childcare entitlements that are being introduced this year and their arrangements for wraparound care of any primary school aged children. The survey will also gather the views of parents/carers using or wanting to use more childcare in Kent. This combined information will help us assess where there are gaps in provision.  [click here]

Free School Meals Energy, Activity & Food Vouchers: Please note that if you haven't already accessed your outstanding vouchers by Thursday, 29th February, you will lose the opportunity to use them.  Please see enclosed letter for information.  [click here].

Duke of Yorks school - open day 16th March [click here]:


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After School Activity Clubs (Term 4):

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