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Sandown School

Ms Luxford's thoughts

A busy start to Term 4, but what a fantastic start.

Madagascar has been another wonderful example of how talented our pupils are and how committed the staff here are. I hope you had the opportunity to see the show and the fantastic talents of the cast. A huge thank you to all the staff for their hard work especially Mrs Hubbard and to all the parents who have supported the children through this experience.

More great news; Mrs Barnard and her husband became proud parents on 13 February to baby Orla. They bought her into school last week and we all had a lovely cuddle. Congratulations.

And more news; Mr McLachlan was teaching in Year 2 before half term on a placement we are very happy to announce that he has been able to stay with us and will be in Class 2P until the end of the school year working alongside Mrs Porter; the children refer to him as Mr Mac and he is a welcome addition to the team.

Some of you may be aware that Mrs Horrocks has been back in school in the last couple of weeks. She is returning to school over a period of time after the very tragic loss of her husband in January to a short battle with cancer. I am sure you will join us in welcoming her back.

Finally, as you are all aware the world is in the midst of a huge health scare. Please be assured that the school has daily updates from the Department for Education and Public Health England and are being advised as to how best to prepare and manage the situation. We are actively promoting hand washing in school and displaying the 'Catch it, Bin it, Kill it' posters around the school. It is a careful balance to ensure the information is delivered in a sensible manner to avoid the children becoming worried. Please be assured that if there are any developments that you, as parents, need to be aware of we will communicate that to you immediately. See you at the gate!           The Team at Sandown