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Sandown School

Music at Sandown

Shrek the Musical JR.

A smashing, hair raising performance of Shrek the Musical by our Sandown Children.

Sandown produced a fast-paced, inspirational, colourful performance with a massive cast compromised of actors from year 3 through to year 6. We had our amazing Shrek lead a cast of fairy tale misfits on an adventure to rescue a disgruntled princess and find true acceptance, all at the Astor theatre in Deal for 4 energetic performances. All children should be very proud of how they handled so many lines, songs and key moments, delivering the humour needed for the many roles making staff, peers and families proud.

As usual with productions like this there was a dedicated behind the scenes crew led by Mrs Hubbard, involving staff, volunteers and children whose workload and drive made all of this possible. There were opportunities for imaginative sets led by the Arts team for props designed by staff, both keystages and local volunteers with a dedicated team focused on costumes led by Mrs Barnard.

The learning prior to the matinee was phenomenal due to the many musical and drama workshops. Children not only worked on artistic skills like singing, dancing, developing their rhythm and coordination but they were also are able to refine skills that are needed to be successful in everyday life, such as communication, literacy, team work, confidence, and time management.

This wonderful experience will be remembered by all who took part.

Shrek the musical Jr

 Sandown Celebrates Christmas

This year the whole school community gathered together on the school Field to celebrate Christmas. Parents, grandparents, friends of the school, staff and parents wrapped up warm and gathered around the Green Zone Christmas tree to share songs in celebration of the festive season. There were also opportunities for the choir and different year groups to perform some specially selected Christmas songs. 

Sandown Celebrates Christmas