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Sandown School

Geography at Sandown

Fieldwork Fortnight  'The 7 Wonders of Deal'  26th June - 7th July - Check back soon

Exploring World and local Geography

Across the school children have been using a range of maps and sources.

  • Children have used Google Earth to explore different regions of the UK
  • Have explored the EU, looking at tectonic plates while thinking critically about the continents 
  • Used enlarged maps of the UK to share previous knowledge of the UK
  • Researched oceans and seas and identified and researched famous rivers of the world using both online sources and a range of atlases
  • Exploring physical and human geography 

Exploring World and Local Geography



Have you ever wondered how mountains became mountains? Year 3 will able to tell you all about it.

 Please see our Geography page for more details about our curriculum