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Sandown School


We believe that the purpose of art education is to take children on a personal journey, stimulating their creativity and imagination, enabling them to expand their ability to interact with the world around them and develop a more thorough understanding of art and design and how it has shaped our history and culture.

We want to give children the skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for them to express responses to ideas and experiences in a visual or tactile form, to fire their imagination and to express who they are through differing media.

Every child has a right to a curriculum which aims to engage, inspire and challenge. We want to cultivate their enjoyment through a rich and varied art and design curriculum and for all to help design and facilitate opportunities to progress their skills, for children to be able to think critically and to be a able convey personal responses in original ways. 


Sandown School Arts Council

The Arts Council at Sandown Primary are responsible for helping to make decisions about the Arts enjoyed in our school. We meet termly and make sure that children’s views are heard and help create a calendar of arts and cultural activities throughout the school year; ensuring children’s creativity is encouraged, developed and celebrated wherever possible.

Stanley - 'I like art because art can be in any form and I get to be creative. Abstract art is my favourite type of art . Seeing art on display all around the school has inspired me to be creative.'

Benas - 'I Enjoy looking at artwork to figure out what techniques have been used so I can recreate them in my own artwork. I also like doing digital artwork as it is easy to correct any mistakes.'

Rae - 'I enjoy having pure free will with my artwork. I prefer digital art over traditional techniques as I find it easier than drawing on paper or other media.' 

Evie - 'I find it really interesting looking at other peoples artwork as it can inspire you. I enjoy working in 3D and making models.'

Carys - 'I love going to art galleries, looking at different pieces of art and finding out the story behind the work. I like drawing realistic pictures of people and love to sew and work with textiles.'

Alfie - ' I love mastering new techniques I pick up from looking at artwork. I enjoy the freedom that comes with creating my own pieces of art.' 


Progression in ArtArt Knowledge Arts Policy 

Art (ID 1007)

  • The Mud Maid arts project
  • A day to create
  • Sky Arts Week
  • Plastic Protest
  • Deal Learning Alliance Climate Art competition
  • Our Modern Remakes competition
  • Roman shield competition
  • Art Movement Day