Sandown School

Staff 2020 - 2021

Headteacher, Ms Luxford

Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Goggin 

SENCO, Mrs Horrocks

FLO, Mrs Male

Office Manager, Mrs Tapley

Office Assistant, Mrs Thompson

 Teaching Teams

Early Years

Mr Cooke, Class Teacher of RC and Miss Hibbert, Teaching Assistant
Mrs Palmer, Class Teacher of RP and Mrs Kelly, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Harper, 1:1 Support Teaching Assistant

Miss Smith, 1:1 Support Teaching Assistant

Year 1

Mrs Barnard, Class Teacher of 1B and Mrs Shiel, Teaching Assistant

Mr Thompson, Class Teacher of 1T and Miss Davies, Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hutchings, 1:1 Support Teaching Assistant
Mrs Reed, 1:1 Support Teaching Assistant

Year 2

Mrs Porter, Class Teacher of 2P
Mr Anderson, Class Teacher of 2A
Year 2 Teaching Assistant, Mrs Knight  

Mrs Mansfield, 1:1 Support Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Lovesey, 1:1 Support Teaching Assistant

Year 3

Mrs Bailey, Class Teacher of 3B
Mrs Harris, Class Teacher of 3H
Year 3 Teaching Assistant, Miss Roberts
Miss Howard, 1:1 Support Teaching Assistant

Year 4

Mr Hoffmann, Class Teacher of 4H and Miss Cagan, Teaching Assistant
Miss Kaschner, Class Teacher of 4K and Miss Parnell, Teaching Assistant

 Year 5

Mr McLachlan, Class Teacher of 5M
Mrs Slaughter, Class Teacher of 5S
Year 5 Teaching Assistant, Mrs Skinner

Year 6

Miss Knight, Class Teacher of 6K
Mrs Uppal, Class Teacher of 6U
Year 6 Intervention Teacher, Miss Buckett

Mrs Daubney, 1:1 Support Teaching Assistant

Additional Teachers & Teaching Assistants

Mrs Collins (Green Zone Lead)
Miss Johnson
Mrs Mitchell

Breakfast Club & After School Club Teams

Mrs Hibbert, Leader of Breakfast Club
Mrs Holmes, Leader of After School Club
Miss Abercrombie
Miss Davies
Mrs Dickson
Miss Howard
Mrs Lovesey
Mrs Reed
Miss Roberts
Miss Routledge
Mrs Thomsett

 Cleaning Team

Mr Roberts, Caretaker
Miss Head
Mr Lawrence
Mrs Lunny

 Midday Supervisor & Play Leader Teams

Mr Clifton
Mrs Daubney
Mrs Dickson
Ms Fraser
Mrs Friend
Miss Hawker
Miss Howard
Mr Lawrence
Mrs Lunny
Miss Routledge
Miss Smith
Mrs Wilde
Miss Woodward

Road Crossing Patrol

Mrs Friend

 Kitchen Team

Ms Lawson, Cook
Ms Bradford-Cook
Mrs Kirkaldie