• Proud to be part of DEALT

Sandown School

Our Values

Creativity, Independence, Collaboration

Learning at our school is based on a set of core values that we evolved by working with our whole school community – teachers, learning support staff, children and governors.

The core values of Creativity, Independence and Collaboration  underpin each of our learning experiences. We actively plan opportunities for the children to develop in those areas as we believe they are the key to helping children become life-long learners.

These values underpin the whole of the learning and teaching in our school. As teachers plan children’s learning, they hold this set of values at the heart of their thinking and preparation.   

We believe that when you look around our school, you will discover excited and motivated learners who are…


learners are…


learners are…


learners are…



*make connections



*resilient and adaptable


*apply their learning to new situations

*risk takers

*problem solvers


*critical thinkers






*able to do things without help

*have self-belief

* resilient

*use their initiative

*able to see purpose


*caring and considerate


*respectful of people and things





*effective communicators