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Governors are volunteers who work in partnership with the school to ensure that children receive the best education possible.

We value governor involvement in the life and work of Sandown School and would encourage you to think about becoming a member of the Sandown School governing body when an appropriate opportunity arises. Parent Governor vacancies are notified by a letter to parents and guardians and mentioned in the school newsletter. Anyone can become a school Governor based on how their skills would fit with the current needs of the governing body. Information on the role of School Governors can be found at  or you can contact the Chair of Governors at

Being a Governor is a rewarding experience. We are a group of hard working people who give freely of their time and energy, committing their skills to the service of Sandown School.
Governors come from different backgrounds, reflecting the many interest groups involved in our school, but they have one important thing in common: they are dedicated to ensuring that the children at Sandown School have the best education possible.
This is the primary focus of all governing body business. The governing body members have a huge amount of knowledge, experience and competence to draw on and we recognise that school governance is a team effort and decisions are made corporately.
High quality training and development is available for all Governors and all Governors are recommended to attend a Governors' Induction course as well as continue with their professional development throughout their term of office.
Governing bodies have many responsibilities but in general they are there to set the strategic framework for the school (including developing policies and the School Improvement Plan), agree the 3 year plan, monitor the finances, to act as support and challenge to the Headteacher as well as to monitor the implementation of the School Improvement Plan and policies as managed and carried out by the Headteacher and staff.
Effective governance is about team-work with headteachers, staff, governors and the community.

Our membership consists of:

 2020.2021 Sandown School Local Governing Body



  • Sandie Butcher – Chair of Governors and Co-Opted Governor - 05-12-18 to 04-12-22 Appointed Chair for 4 years 05-12-18 to 04-12-22
  • Rebecca Barnard – Staff Governor – 10-10-18 to 09-10-22
  • Kate Luxford – Head Teacher - April 2012 continuous
  • Charles Miller – Co-opted Governor - 05-12-18 to 04-12-22
  • Luke Mussett – Parent Governor 13-09-17 to 12-09-21
  • Nick Tompkins - Co-opted Governor – 25-09-19 to 24-09-23
  • Phil Sutcliffe – Co-opted Governor - 13-09-17 to 12-09-21 Joint Vice Chair
  • Susan Rowe – Co-opted Governor - 19-09-18 to 18-09-22 Joint Vice Chair
  • Kelly Corroyer – Parent Governor – 02-03-20 to 01-03-24
    • o All Parent Governors are nominated and elected by parents  
    • o Co-Opted Governors are appointed by the LGB

Interests Declared

  • Philip Sutcliffe – related by marriage to member of staff

Attendance Record September 2019 - August 2020




2019.2020 Sandown School Full Governing Body:

  • Sandie Butcher – Chair of Governors and Co-opted Governor.  Term of Office 05 December 2018 to 04 December 2022
  • Kate Luxford – Head Teacher.  Appointed April 2012 and continuous 
  • Charles Miller – Co-opted Governor.  Term of Office 05 December 2018 to 04 December 2022
  • Nick Tompkins - Co-opted Governor.  Term of Office 02 December 2015 to be confirmed
  • Phil Sutcliffe – Co-opted Governor.  Term of Office 13 September 2017 to 12 September 2021
  • Luke Mussett – Parent Governor. Term of Office 13 September 2017 to12 September 2021
  • Susan Rowe – Co-opted Governor.  Term of Office 19 September 2018 to 18 September 2022
  • Rebecca Barnard – Staff Governor. Term of Office 10 October 2018 to 09 October 2022

          All Parent Governors are nominated and elected by parents  

Co-Opted Governors are appointed by the LGB

Business Interests declared


  • Sandie Butcher - Governor at Castle Hill School Folkestone and Interim Trustee DEALT
  • Tina Barton - Link Tutor
  • Kate Luxford – Director Whole School Meals Staff member
  • Phil Sutcliffe – related by marriage to member of Sandown Staff
  • Rebecca Barnard – Staff Member
  • Peter Fishlock – Co-Director of Community Interest Company


A= Apologies accepted by FGB

P= Present

- = N/A

Note additional budget meeting 19 May 2016 not included in attendance register as this was a meeting at short notice to deal with 1 agenda item.

The Sandown Governing Body re-constituted in Feb 2015.

Sandown Governing body follows the Circle structure with a Resources Committee (finance, pay and personnel).

Resources Committee members are as follow:

Kate Luxford, Sandie Butcher, Charles Miller and Sue Rowe - Chaired by Sandie Butcher.